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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daichan Honpo Kushiro Zangi (大ちゃん本舗 釧路ザンギ)| Fried Chicken Shop | Kushiro

We are now in Kushiro (釧路) in the eastern part of Hokkaido↓

When we arrived in the city, I found this appealing yellow shop behind the station! Let's go!

Daichan Honpo Kushiro Zangi (大ちゃん本舗 釧路ザンギ) serves "Kushiro Zangi (釧路ザンギ)". What is that?

Zangi means fried chicken in Hokkaido, but what's the difference between normal zangi and Kushiro zangi???

This is deep-fried chicken skin, which really goes well with beer! Cheers!

This is Kushiro zangi, which has................

special sauce consist of original spices and Worcester sauce. Yes! This is Kushiro Zangi! Mix the sauce well, and dip it in the yummy rich sauce!!

I recommend this snack when you are a bit hungry at the station!

■Where is "Daichan Honpo Kushiro Zangi (大ちゃん本舗 釧路ザンギ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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