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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Salmon/ Trout-Run Observatory (サケ・マス遡上観覧施設)| Onnebetsu River (遠音別川) | Shiretoko

Located near Oshin-Koshin Falls, Onnebetsy river is a recommendable spot to observe salmon/ trout run from August to October. At the time, there are so many salmon in the river that the color of the water looks very black!

We visited here at the early November, which is a little bit late to see salmon run. We were wondering whether we could see salmon here now or not..............  Anyway, let's downstairs to the river!

It's a beautiful river!
Well, well, well, where is salmon?? We should look for it!

We've found it! But not a lot.
The driver said, "Come here! There are a lot of salmon here!"

We went to a bridge along Route 334.

Yes! there are a lot of salmon here! Happy to observe salmon run here in November!!!

■Where is "Salmon/ Trout-Run Observatory in Onnebetsu River (遠音別川サケ・マス遡上観覧施設)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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