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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kanouan (手打ちそば処 叶庵)| Soba Restaurant | Sapporo

Soba is a popular noodle made of buckwheat flour. Today I'll show you a unique soba served in "Kanouan (手打ちそば処 叶庵)", which is located in front of "KITAYELL", a sport facility in Sapporo. After watching sports there, I always come here to enjoy a special soba!

Let's enter it!

The atmosphere is perfect. I love the very friendly restaurant staff here! I always enjoy chatting with them!

The buckwheat here is milled with a grindstone so that buckwheat keeps cold and the particles of flour can be finer. Sounds delicious, doesn't it??

The harvesting season of soba is at the end of September! They use buckwheat produced in Hokuryu town, the northern part of Hokkaido!

The menu is like this↓They serve a lot of kinds of soba, but

I recommend this↓
"Soba with chicken motsu (intestine) and kinkan (yolk in the body before being born as an egg)" is my favorite!

Here comes "chicken motsu soup soba"! The noodle is homemade. How wonderful it is!!! Dip the cold soba noodles into the hot chicken soup!! Yummy x 2!!!

The soup has a lot of motsu, kinkan, onion, and wakame seaweed! I'm sure I'll be full!!!

See! It has a lot of chicken guts!

This soba is a typical type of Inaka soba (homemade-type country soba). As they use newly-harvested soba, we can enjoy the distinctive aroma of soba very well!

The noodle here is a little bit thicker than normal soba! Please enjoy the texture!

Right now, the World Cup Volleyball Japan 2011 has held at KITAYELL in Sapporo.

After watching the games, why don't you eat this wonderful soba set???

■Where is "Kanouan (手打ちそば処 叶庵)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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