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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sushidokoro Arima (鮨処有馬)| Sushi Bar | Susukino, Sapporo

This is my favorite sushi bar in Susukino area, Sapporo. They serve very delicious sushi and are so popular that we should make a reservation in advance.
This is "Sushidokoro Arima (鮨処有馬)"↓

This restaurant has a bar like this and a table only. It is not big and we feel very comfortable!

Look at today's fish! All of them are very fresh and carefully selected.

As I made a reservation today, my favorite place, the bar, was booked already......... But we were kind of lucky because they have a special sushi course only for table seat guests. Of course we ordered it!


Cooked chestnut octopus, abalone, and herring roe.

The octopus is very tender and the herring roe is very big!!! Yummy x 2!
Look at the abalone! I've never eaten such tender abalone so far! It has a yuzu citrus flavor!

We love Japanese sake, too. This is "Kudoki Dote Bakuren (くどき土手ばくれん)", very dry rice wine!

"Alive" botanebi prawn caught in the Sea of Japan, yellowtail caught off Wakkanai, whelk caught off Erimo, and Matsukawa sea bream caught off Tomakomai, and sea urchin caught off Hamanaka.

All of them are local product in Hokkaido! The ingredients are carefully selected and I'm sure you cannot eat such delicious sashimi in other restaurants!!!

Hamanaka is the only place right now where sea urchin is caught in Hokkaido. It eats high-quality kelp seaweed and tastes very rich!

Do you know know to eat prawn guts neatly? Fresh (alive) prawns like this have delicious guts and I really recommend to eat them!

First, get rid of the big shell and tear the head part like this. See!!!! It's easy to eat it! Yummy x 2!!!

■Seafood soup covered with steamed grated Japanese yam

Break the yam part and you will see several seafood such as Sakhalin surf calm, crab,

 prawn, and squid! It's like a Japanese bouillabaisse! Wow! Wow! Wow!

■King Crab and ovary of Brown King Crab
The balance between naturally sweet crab meat and salted ovary is perfect!!!

Third round of alcohol!!!
Shochu, or distilled alcohol, named "Ikkokusya (一刻者)" and plum wine named "Aodani no Ume (青谷の梅)".

Here comes sushi!!!!
Tuna caught off Boston, sea bream caught off Syokanbetsu, Channel Rockfish caught off Abashiri, and Sakhalin surf calm caught off Tomakomai.

Except tuna, all of them are local seafood.

I love sea bream especially, which is very flavorful!! Look the calm which is very thick! I love medium fatty tuna!!! Channel Rockfish is very seasonable in Hokkaido right now!!

This is a side dish between main dishes (sushi). I love this ginger!

Soft roe of Pacific cod is my favorite. It is slightly broiled just before being served. Hot! Hot! Hot! Shortly after we ate it, it was melted! We were so impressed with this sushi!

■Shusi part 3
Pacific saury caught off Kushiro, scallop caught off Rumoi, and chinook salmon caught off Nemuro. All of them are caught off Hokkaido.

Now is the best season to eat Pacific saury!!!! This salmon appropriately has fish fat and very tasty!

And the scallop is very thick!

Look at this! It is one of the most supreme ingredients among today's sushi!

Last but not least we enjoyed miso soup with laver seaweed!

If you want to eat authentic sushi in Susukino, I recommend this bar!

■Where is "Sushidokoro Arima (鮨処有馬)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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