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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GOLDSTONE CAFE | Cafe and Music Club | Otaru

During the Otaru Mantis Prawn Festival, there were a lot of wonderful events held at public places such as restaurants, cafes and streets in Otaru.
We visited "GOLDSTONE CAFE" near the festival venue↓

The cafe used to be a stone warehouse in the 19th century, and we can feel the good old days in the city. With a drinking place and

a small music club, the cafe is versatile!

"GOLDSTONE CAFE" held some events such as dunce shows in time for the festival. We joined the magic show!

He is cute, isn't he? We enjoyed his magic show very much!
Do you have any idea how old he is?

He is a high school student!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

They served special menu for the festival days! Of course we ordered it! Hahaha!!!

Here comes the special lunch!
■Green salad

■Corn potage soup
It's very creamy and delicious!

■Cream pasta with mantis prawns
I'm sure mantis prawns go well with cream course because the mantis prawns caught in Otaru taste very rich and naturally sweet!

The set comes with coffee or tea.

This is another special dish; curry with mantis prawns. They use mantis broth and mantis soy sauce as hidden flavors! That's why we can feel very seafood once we eat it!

We really enjoyed the special event and special menu at the cafe!


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