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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kiritappu Wetland Center (霧多布湿原センター)| Visitor Center & Cafe | Hamanaka

The Kiritappu Wetland is a mire with an area of 3,168ha, located in Hamanaka town in the eastern part of Hokkaido.

It is the third largest wetland in Japan and was designated as a site of international importance under the Ramsar convention in 1993.

Today, I'll show your its visitor center↓

Look at the real kelp seaweed hanging from the ceiling! It's longer than what I imagined. Interesting! The quality of the local kelp is very high and it is one of the popular souvenirs in this town.

 The center has a shop which sells local products.

If you are interested in the history of the wetland, how about the profile of earth layer?

We can learn red-crested cranes in and out of this facility.

The sofa is as big as the nest of the crane! What a great idea to learn the size of it!

When we go out to the deck, we can enjoy Kiritappu wetland!

Look at the uninhabited island, named Kenbokki Island. We landed the island last year through an eco-tour organized by Kiritappu Wetland Trust (NPO).

There are a lot of red-crested cranes around here and

we can observe the birds nearby.

 How beautiful they are!!!

On the second floor of the facility, there are a lot of items we can play with. For example, this is a unique height scale, with which we can compare our height to wildlife's height.

The play equipment was created by local fishermen! Wow! Wow! Wow! How skillful they are!

 There is a cafe on the 3rd floor.

and we can enjoy local food! As we ate with the center staff and our staff members altogether, we ordered all of the dishes at the cafe! Hahaha!

Yachimanako chowder
They use a lot of local milk produced Komatsu ranch and Takanashi butter in the bread baked by "Kona no Mi (粉の実)", a famous bakery in this town.
(*Takanashi Dairy Co. is one of the sponsors for the wetland)

Yummy x 2!!!

■Hamanaka Beef curry
Hamanaka is famous for its seafood as well as its beef! Is the town the heaven???

■Sunset curry (seafood curry)
I don't have to explain about it! Of course the local seafood goes well with curry!!!

■Pizza toast with venison salami
Iwamatsu Farm, a local vendor, specializes the local venison. Their meat products such as salami as well as raw venison are very popular around this area!
If you are interested in deer hunting, they serve deer hunting guide service, too.

■Rice with "rich" butter and local soy sauce
Collaboration between Hokkaido rice, Takanashi rich butter, and special kelp seaweed soy sauce is very recommendable. This is very simple, but we can enjoy each high-quality ingredient fully!

■Kelp toast
Local kelp and rich butter are on the toast! The local kelp has a lot of umami. As I really love it, I made kelp toast at home after this business trip!

■Honey toast with Häagen-Dazs
Do you know that milk in ice cream of Haagen-Dazs Japan is 100% from this town, Hamanaka? That's why the bread is topped with large amount of Haagen-Dazs ice cream!! Honey is produced in Hokkaido! The bread is baked by "Kona no Mi (粉の実)" in the town. We can enjoy very local ingredients with this dessert!

We ate a lot................

■Kiritappu Wetland Information■
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■Where is "Kiritappu Wetland Center (霧多布湿原センター)"?

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