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Monday, November 07, 2011

Inn Yorimichi (民宿より道)| Hamanaka

Hamanaka, located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is a town with a famous marsh called Kiritappu wetland. Today I'll show you an inn in the town.

"Inn Yorimichi(民宿より道)" is a family-run inn and you can enjoy typical atmosphere of traditional Japanese homes. The accommodation fee is only 3,700 yen! How cheap it is!!

Open the door, and Peter welcomes you!!!

The rooms are very simple.........

Look at this room! It is a type room seen in the 1960's, isn't is??↓ There are no key (although you can lock the door) nor a bathroom in each room..... Well, I feel like I'm staying a private house not an inn!

There is a dining room with a bar like izakaya (Japanese-type bar restaurant) on the 1st floor and

the owner cooks for us↓

Actually he is a good cook! I'll show you the dishes he cooked for us!!
Hamanaka reminds us of its seafood. Now is the best season to eat salmon roe!

This cooked herring and grilled pork have very home-made taste! We feel very comfortable!

This salmon is a local one. Hamanaka has a good port and fishery is the main industry in the town. I love this stir-fried vegetables, too.

This potato salad and cooked beans are dishes of the kind typical Japanese mothers have made.

I love this fish soup! Cod is used for this fish ball! Yummy x 2! Pickles are must for Japanese dinner!

This inn has a welcome drink service; soft drink or home-made wine. Of course, we ordered the latter one!Hahaha! The owner himself picked up wild vine and made this alcohol! Actually, we had two glasses of this wine! Yummy x 2!! Thank you very much, the owner!!!

The shared shower is in the same building, but the shard bath is outside of it. How cute the small facility is♪♪

The space is big enough to enjoy bathing for three people. We can use it 24/7!

The temperature of the water is a little hot. Please be careful!

I got up at 5:00 and jogged around here. Look at the morning glow! The early bird catches the worm. I was very luck to see such beautiful scenery. Actually there were a lot of armature and professional photographers taking pics early in the morning near the ocean.

■Kiritappu Wetland Information■
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■Where is "Inn Yorimichi (民宿より道)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Oyome-san said...

Last picture is so so BEAUTIFUL!!

K.K. said...

I got up at 5 and jogged near the inn. Actually there were a lot of armature and professional photographers near the ocean! I was really happy to see such beautiful scenery in Hamanaka!

Dx said...

This years perhaps will be my first time in Hamanaka...I'm very happy^^

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