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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shiretoko Satoaji (しれとこ里味)| Soba & Seafood Restaurant | Shari, Shiretoko

If you want to eat delicious soba and seafood at the same place in Shari town, Shiretoko, I recommend "Shiretoko Satoaji (しれとこ里味)"↓

Let's enter it!
Actually our local driver recommends this restaurant! Sounds perfect!

They serve soba made of the local buckwheat and spring water. Wonderful, isn't it???
Do you like seafood? The main industry in this town is fisheries. Actually this restaurant is located in front of the Okhotsk Sea and they serve fresh seafood at reasonable prices!

The most popular dish here is soba with whelk tempura! Of course, I ordered it! Hahaha!

Everything here is delicious, but we ordered dishes with a recommendation mark on the menu book!
First, look at the yummy x 2 tower!

This is a whelk tempura bowl! This kakiage, seafood and vegetable tempura, on the rice is huge and tall!!! Bravo!!

This is a cherry salmon bowl! Of course the salmon is caught in this area!

When you come here, please enjoy the local fish like this! I really recommend it!

The set menu has a locally-caught whelk! I love this texture and seafood juice in the shell!

This is what I ordered.

Twin towers of huge whelk kakiage are on the freshly-milled and -made soba↓ One kakiage should be eaten with soba, and the other should be enjoyed with special tempura sauce. 

I really appreciate the distinctive aroma of soba! I'm sure it suits with sake, or rice wine! Hahaha!

The restaurant is on Route 244 and it's easy to find it!

■Where is "Shiretoko Satoaji (しれとこ里味)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
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Anonymous said...

Hello KK !
Is it the winter in Hokkaido now ? It's silence season just before ice season ....
I'm often thinking of hokkaido and I know that I have to visit again....thank you for your blog.

K.K. said...

Hello, Yves!!!
Long time no see! How are you???
Yes, they have some snow in Hokkaido. I mean, I'm in Tokyo right now and will be back on the 28th of Dec! I've updated Tokyo food pics every day on my Facebook! Plz visit my site!
When you come back to Hokkaido, please let me know or when I come to France, I'll let you know!

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