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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Okubiwase Wild Bird Park (奥琵琶瀬野鳥公園) | Kiritappu Wetland | Hamanaka

Are you interested in bird watching? If so, I recommend "Okubiwase Wild Bird Park (奥琵琶瀬野鳥公園). This is a wonderful spot to observe wild birds.

Depending on the season, we can enjoy a lot of kinds of wild birds coming to Kiritappu wetland.

It is located near a river and has different scenery from the one from other observation decks in this area.

We can enjoy red-crested cranes,

gray herons,

black-faced buntings, stonechats, goosanders................. to name a few!!! 

This area was successfully purchased recently by Kiritappu Wetland Trust, an authorized specified non profit organization, with the cooperation of Seven Eleven Japan Green Foundation, in order to protect wild birds.

If you have time, please drop by the office of Kiritappu Wetland Trust.

It provides information on the wetland to visitors. If you are hungry, why don't you eat something delicious at the cafe at the same facility!!!

I recommend rice ball with fresh sea urchin! Yummy x 2!!! The sales at the cafe and souvenir corner is used for the wetland conservation program.

If you are interested in their activities and the wetland itself, please refer to my previous post→click here!!!

Kiritappu wetland is a very very beautiful wetland in Hokkaido. Why don't you visit here when you come to eastern part of Hokkaido.

■Kiritappu Wetland Information■
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■Where is "Okubiwase Wild Bird Park (奥琵琶瀬野鳥公園)"?

■Tour guide information■
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