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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oshin-Koshin Falls (オシンコシンの滝) | Shiretoko

Designated as one of Japan's best 100 waterfalls, "Oshin-Koshin Falls" is a spectacular waterfall next to Route 334, the coastal main road from Shari to Utoro.

"Oshin-Koshin" in Ainu language means a place where a lot of Ezo spruce grow. (*Ainu is the indigenous people in Hokkaido)

Let's go upstairs along the river! Beautiful, aren't they?

They are also designated as one of eight most scenic spots in Shiretoko!

How soothing they are!!

We were so relaxed in this area for a while! My guests and I really love this waterfalls!

Free parking lots, a souvenir shop, and public toilets are provided near the falls.

The shop sells something unique and I'll show you some of them.

Look at the posters↓ They sell pink beer, blue beer, deep pink beer, and green draft beer!!! The color of green represents the nature, blue represents drift ice on the ocean, and deep pink represents rugosa rose.

This beer series represent the four seasons of Shiretoko!

How about these soft drinks???
The cans of guarana drinks have a white and brown bear pics! Look very Shiretoko!

How about brown bear fat ointment?

It is effective for chapped skin, burnt skin, and chilblains.

■Where is "Oshin-Koshin Falls (オシンコシンの滝)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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