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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monthly Ice Cream (Made by MISSU HOUSE) on the Limited Express Trains of JR Hokkaido | July, 2012

When I use a limited express train here in Hokkaido, I always eat monthly ice cream sold on the train.

This time, I went to Sapporo from Kushiro. This is JR Kushiro Station↓ Here we go♪

We took the Limited Express Super Ozora!

It takes about four hours from Kushiro to Sapporo. How big Hokkaido is!

This is my favorite ice cream!!! The monthly ice cream in July is.....................

When I use a limited train in Hokkaido, I always buy a monthly ice cream made by MISSU HOUSE, which is one of my favorite ice cram makers in Sapporo!
Hokkaido is famous for dairy products, and we can eat delicious ice cream here!

Do you wanna try it? Hahaha!
It is very creamy and dairy!!! I love it!

We've arrived in Sapporo!! 

I'm looking forward to eating the next monthly ice cream now! Hahaha!

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