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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sakaimachi Main Street (堺町本通り) in Summer | Otaru

"Sakaimachi Main Street (堺町本通り)", a main street of Otaru city, is now decorated with a lot of summer features of Japan! Are you ready? Let's go!

Yes! Every shop along the street is decorated with wind-bells! Sounds very summer!!

The well in front of "Rishiriya (利尻屋)", a kelp shop, also has wind-bells!

"Sakaiya (さかい家)", a cafe, has wind-bells, too! The building was constructed in 1907, and designated as a Historic Landmark of Otaru City (小樽市指定歴史的建造物).

Of course, "Kitakaro (北菓楼)", a confectionery shop, also has ones!

Look at the newly-wed couple in front of "Rokkatei (六花亭)"!

Otaru is a glass city. That's why its main street is decorated with glass wind-bells like this↓

"Kitaichi Glass (北一硝子)" is one of the biggest glassware shop and studio in Otaru.

This is "LeTAO (ルタオ)", my favorite chocolate shop.

In front of this confectionery shop, a wind-bell tree is installed only during the summer time! How beautiful it is!

Look at the cute wind-bell!! Is this the owner's choice? Hahaha!

When you'd like to go around Otaru, how about the "Otaru Stroller's Bus (おたる散策バス)"?

You can go almost everywhere in Otaru! The ticket per day is 750 yen.

But personally, I recommend ricksha or rickshaw (人力車)!

You can customize your own tour in Otaru! Enjoy!

■Where is "Sakaimachi Main Street (堺町本通り)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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