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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sakuranboyama Tourist Orchard(さくらんぼ山観光農園)| Cherry Orchard | Niki

We went to "Sakuranboyama Tourist Orchard(さくらんぼ山観光農園)", a tourist cherry orchard located in Niki (仁木) near Otaru (小樽) the other day↓

This big cherry object in front of the main office welcomes you!

It takes only a few minutes from the parking lot to the orchard!!

Look at the cherries! There are about 5,000 cherry trees in the 20ha orchard! Niki (仁木) is a fruit town!

First, the staff teach us how to find and pick delicious cherries!

There's no time limit! We can eat cherries as much as possible!

Using ladders, we picked and ate a lot of cherries! Hahaha!

They taught us how to find great trees, too! How kind they are!

The orchard is 114m above sea level, and we can enjoyed the beautiful view from the hill! Let's go to the top of the orchard!

How wonderful it is!

We enjoyed three kinds of cherries; Kitaou (北王), Satonishiki (佐藤錦), and Suimon (水門). Each of them have the different taste, and we've never got tired of eating cherries!!
*The kinds of cherries are depending on the season.

Look at the attractive object!

Of course, we enjoyed cherry ice cream, too!

Additional 100g cherries come with the activities! Perfect!

I'll be back next year!!

This is the price list! 1,050 yen/ adult and 840 yen/ kid are very reasonable!!

■Where is "Sakuranboyama Tourist Orchard(さくらんぼ山観光農園)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

Hi KK,
Is there any activity to do in this orchard around may?
Thanks in advance

K.K. said...

Yoichi is famous for its orchards. Please contact the tourist association and get information. There are some others around this orchard!

Sally Angelina Tjoea said...

Hi KK,

Is there any public transportation to Sakuranboyama in Hokkaido?

I'm planning to go there between 6-9 July while staying in Sapporo.

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