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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Okhotsk Beer Factory (オホーツクビアファクトリー)| Microbrewery | Kitami

Would you like to drink micro-brewed beer made of local malt? How about "Okhotsk Beer Factory (オホーツクビアファクトリー)" located in Kitami?

Let's enter it!

Surprisingly (or natually??), we ordered all kinds of beer! Hahaha!

■Pilsener (ピルスナー)
It is the most popular beer type in Japan. One of the features of their Pilsener is to be brewed with lower-fermentation. We really enjoyed its hop aroma and smoothness! This beer got the silver prize at the Japan Beer Grand Prix in 2000!

■Ale (エール)
This beer is brewed from malted barley with top-fermenting yeast, which ferments beer quickly, giving it the sweet, full-bodied and fruity aroma!
It also got the silver prize at the grand prix in 2000!

■Unfiltered Ale (エール濾過前)
Unfiltered beer sounds wonderful! This is available only at this restaurant! Yummy x 2!!! You should try it!!

■Weissbier (ヴァイツェン)
It is fruity and less bitter, and popular especially among women! This got the gold prize at the grand prix in 2000!!!

■Mildstout (マイルドスタウト)
This dark beer is made of roasted malt, barley, hops water and yeast, and selected as one of the 500 delicious beers!

Kitami city reminds me of fried noodles with salt sauce (塩焼きそば)!

This is the very local fried noodles! Usually typical fried noodles are topped with pork and some vegetables such as cabbage, while this chow mein is topped with scallops and some vegetables such as onions produced in Kitami!
(* Kitami is proud of the No. 1 market share of onions in Japan.)

Please sprinkle dried salmon and pour special salt sauce before eating it! Yummy x 2!!

We really enjoyed the delicious micro-brewed beers and special local noodles at this restaurant!

■Where is "Okhotsk Beer Factory (オホーツクビアファクトリー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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