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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sukiyaki Sanyoshiya (すき焼き三光舎)| Sukiyaki Restaurant | Asahikawa

Today I'll show you "Sukiyaki Sanyoshiya (すき焼き三光舎)", a long-standing sukiyaki restaurant founded in 1917 in Asahikawa.

They use high-quality beef for sukiyaki like↓ It is expensive at night, but we can enjoy it at reasonable prices during the lunch hours!

I chose a Japanese room. How lovely it is!

As I love beef, I ordered the most expensive set! Hahaha!

Matuzakaushi (松坂牛) is the king of beef in the world, isn't it? I love it!

Here comes "Spacial beef sukiyaki set (スペシャル牛すき焼き定食)"↓ Yummy x 2!!

Look at the wonderful marbled beef!!! Super-great!

You must envy me! Hahaha!

The clerk here cooked it for me. She is very friendly and polite, and we had a wonderful time!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!
I didn't have to bite it! It was melted immediately I put it in my mouth! It was unbelievably delicious♪

The vegetables absorbed the delicious beef juice!!

Last but not least, I put kishimen noodles into the pan so that the noodles could soak up the delicious essence of beef and vegetables!!!

We were so happy to eat such  a delicious sukiyaki today!

Just for reference, they serve a reasonable sukiyaki set (1,200 yen ~)↓

and a pork sukiyaki set (1,100 yen), too↓

■Where is "Sukiyaki Sanyoshiya (すき焼き三光舎)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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