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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

YOSHINO (ヨシノ)| Italian Restaurant | Sapporo

There are a lot of delicious Italian restaurants in Sapporo, but if you like Japanese-style Italian pasta, I recommend "YOSHINO (ヨシノ)".

 I've used this restaurant for more than 10 years.

Let's go downstairs!

This restaurant is so popular that the stair steps are packed with waiting costumers especially during the lunch hours! It is not big enough to accommodate a lot of customers at the same time................  But everybody knows it's worth waiting.

This is the menu for lunch↓ There are a lot of kinds of sets, but

whenever I come here, I order "pasta with sea urchin - butter soy sauce flavor -".
When I started coming here, I ordered several kinds of sets, but for the last 10 year, I've ordered this pasta only. I mean when I want to eat this pasta, I come here!

As I order a salad sat, this corn soup is served first.
This soup tastes very creamy, rich, and corn!!! I want to order a big portion of this soup!!!

Next, the salad is served This is a normal salad, though.......... Hahaha!

This is my favorite pasta, "pasta with sea urchin - butter soy sauce flavor -". I always order a big portion :-)
I'm sure this is the champion of Japanese-style Italian pasta! They use a lot of sea urchin for it! The butter & soy sauce add wonderful taste to this sea urchin pasta! I love it!

Sliced nori or dried laver seaweed is on the pasta, which add the ocean flavor to this pasta!  Furthermore, I always top Parmesan cheese on it! Yummy x 2!!! 

■Where is "YOSHINO (ヨシノ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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