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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ristorante Capri Capri (リストランテ・カプリ カプリ)| Italian Restaurant | Sapporo

I've found another delicious Italian restaurant today! "Ristorante Capri Capri" is near Nango 18 chome station (南郷18丁目)in Sapporo!

I love this cozy atmosphere here!

Look at the menu for lunch. If I had two-hour lunch time, I would order a C set, but.........I ordered an A set........... Hahaha!

I'm sure this must be my fateful encounter! I've found my favorite pasta on this page!

All of them are Hokkaido products!
This pumpkin potage is very mild and rich! When I ate the smoked salmon (Ginsei 銀聖--brand salmon), I really wanted wine, but I had to return to our office.......... Hahaha!

This onion tart is not a normal tart! They use "Sapporoki (札幌黄)", a brand onion, which is very sweet! I really love it!!!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Yummy x 2! I ordered the second one, too!

Here comes the crab pappardelle! It is more than perfect! Wonderful!!

See!!! The rich source goes well with this wide pasta!

The hairy crab meat is very sweet and delicious! I really recommend this pasta!!!

Look at this cold Catalana! Italian dessert reminds me of Crema Catalana!!!

I was really relaxed, drinking the rose hip tea!

Perfect lunch, isn't it?

■Where is "Ristorante Capri Capri (リストランテ・カプリ カプリ)"?

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