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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toritama Shokudo Kokkoya (とりたま食道 こっこ家)| Chicken Restaurant | Tobetsu

If an owner of a chicken farm runs a chicken restaurant, the restaurant must serve the best chicken dishes. I know the restaurant in Tobetsu, 1 hr away from Sapporo!

The restaurant is at the perfect location to raise chickens!

Please find this sign! There's nothing but this restaurant around this area! Hahaha!

This is the restaurant! The prefabricated restaurant opens only during the spring and summer time!
Let's enter it!

This is a self-service restaurant. During the lunch hours, it is packed with local people!

There are a lot of recommendable chicken dishes, but one of my favorites is..........

chicken ramen called "Kokko ramen". The broth is made from special chicken called "Yokubari Kokko".

Looks delicious, doesn't it???

The red eggs are used for the noodles, too! Yummy x 2!!!

The broth is transparent and tastes very rich and very chicken!!!!

I love this half-boiled egg!!The yolk is veeeeeeeeeeeeery soft!!

After eating the noodles, you can eat "that"!
What is "that"?
When you take the soup to the cooking counter, the chef puts rice in it and makes rice porridge!

I really recommend it or "that"!!! The rice absorbs the delicious chicken soup!!!

I always order "that"!

Next, we order chicken bowl. The range-free chicken is used for the bowl. The meat is char-grilled, and the seasonings are all Hokkaido products! Sounds perfect!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!
This bowl is called "Oyako don" or "parent-and-child bowl" because chicken and eggs are parent and child!

This soup tastes super-super wonderful!!! It's worth coming here all the way from Sapporo!

Look at the half-cooked egg!!

The very soft egg and the juicy chicken make us very happy!!

After enjoying the lunch, we visited the farmer's egg shop next to the restaurant.

Let me see........what should I choose???

You can buy delicious raw eggs here, but I bought

 smoked eggs and pudding!

 This pudding is made of Hokkaido milk and "Yokubari Kokko".

I really enjoyed the chicken and eggs today!

■Where is "Toritama Shokudo Kokkoya (とりたま食道 こっこ家)"?
See!!! There's nothing but the restaurant around there↓
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■Tour guide information■
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