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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mushroom Kingdom (きのこ王国)| Mushroom Shop & Restaurant | Ootaki (Date)

Ootaki in Date city is a mountainous area and famous for mushrooms. "Kinoko Oukoku or Mushroom Kingdom" is on Route 276 between Lake Shikotu and Lake Toya, and we often visit here for a break. The shop has a lot kinds of mushrooms and we are always excited!

Look at the wall of the shop! Bears are welcoming the guests!!!

Let's enter it!

You can eat a lot of kinds of mushroom dishes including udon, buckwheat noodles, curry, ramen, mushroom bowl and so on.

I ordered mushroom tempura! I love maitake mushroom especially! Yummy x 2!!!

This is the most popular dish here in the restaurant.
The mushroom soup is only 100 yen! Unbelievable!!!

After eating the dishes, we enjoyed trying food samples in the shop. You can taste almost all items before buying them! I love these soy-source-flavored mushrooms↓

Wow! Great shiitake mushrooms!!

We've found the fresh ones, too! These nameko mushrooms are very big! We cannot buy such bulky nameko at supermarkets nearby in a city!!!

The shiitake mushrooms are very thick! Look very delicious!!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed this mushroom soup whose ingredients are three kinds of mushrooms; matsutake, maitake, and shiitake mushrooms.

It is very easy to make it. Put a spoonful of soup powder in a cup and pour hot water. That's it! You can use it as a condiment for Japanese dishes. Of course I bought it!

We really enjoyed mushrooms here!!!
*You can use bathrooms here 24/ 7! Please drop by the facility when you feel tired driving!!!

■Where is "Mushroom Kingdom (きのこ王国)"?

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