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Saturday, October 29, 2011

DONGURI (どんぐり)| Bakery | Sapporo

"DONGURI" is one of the popular bakeries in Sapporo, and has several branches in the city. Today we went to its Kotoni branch to get seasonal bread!

Look at this↓ They are holding an "Autumnal Harvesting Festival"! I'm so excited!!

It is always packed with customers like this! There are a lot of my favorites here, but today

I dashed to this autumn festival wagon! Wow! Wow! Wow! All of them look very delicious! Well...........I'll buy them up! Hahaha!

■Annouimo potato Noel

This potato (安納芋) is very sticky and slightly sweet! Yummy x 2!!

■Miss Sweet potato

Sweet potato paste is on the custard cream! This is recommendable for dessert!

 ■Crab cream bread

This white sauce is very creamy!! I love it!

■Camembert cheese mushroom

My favorite combination, Camembert cheese and mushroom, makes me very happy!

■Garlic mushroom pizza

I love garlic and mushroom!!! We felt autumn flavor very much!

pão de ring

This bread is very fluffy, containing sweet potato paste.  Very delicious!

■Milky melon

This is very soft melon bread! As soft as cotton candy!

■Lotus root sandwich with Japanese basil flavor

I love it the best among the bread I bought today! I really enjoyed the texture of lotus root and soft bread altogether. Very healthy, isn't it???

■Sweet potato

This is very recommendable for dessert!!!! It's very creamy!!!

We really enjoyed the delicious bread today!

■Where is "DONGURI (どんぐり)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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