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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Manee Thai (マニータイ) | Thai Restaurant | Sapporo

If you want to eat "real" Thai food, which doesn't suite Japanese taste, I recommend "Manee Thai" in front of Norbesa near Susukino, Sapporo.
The facade looks very Thai!!!! I love the objects!!

You can meet very friendly Thai staff members and chefs in this restaurant, which makes you very relax!

Look at the dish and chopstick case! How cute they are!!

First, we ordered SINGHA beer, my favorite, and SPY, a Thai white wine! We really enjoyed Thai atmosphere!!

I love Vietnamese Gỏi cuốnbut the Thai-version is also very delicious! We enjoyed fresh vegetables with secret spicy sauce! Yummy x 2!

Then we ordered sathi, but there are no skewers!!! I asked the chef why the meat is not arranged on bamboo skewers. He said, "it is easier to eat it"! Hahaha! I love the idea!

Don't miss rice noodles! It's very spicy, but that makes us thirsty and drink beer a lot! Wonderful! I love corianders, which are vegetables with distinctive Thai aroma!

The flat-type noodles absorb spicy manpla (fish sauce)-based source! We can enjoy the texture of dried shrimps and a lot of vegetables. How healthy it is!

As we ate Thai spicy dishes, we wanted another beer! Do you know Chung? The aroma is super-wonderful!

Last, but not least, we ordered stir-fried kankury, which is available from Nay to October only! We enjoyed the seasonable vegetable here! How lucky we are!

We really enjoyed the dinner!

■Where is "Manee Thai (マニータイ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Epicurus said...

I tasted their Moo Kraprow (pork stir-fired with holy basil and fried egg) on rice at the International Food Festival this week at Odori Park. Taste is authentic enough. I think it would be much better at the restaurant at Susukino. Thai food in the foreign land suffered the lack of innovation. Availability of raw ingredients is no longer an issue today. Practically you can get fresh ingredients (or frozen spices such as galangal) for Thai kitchen anywhere in the world. When you walk into any Thai restaurants in the world you will see the same or minor variations of the same menu, e.g. pad thai, red and green curry, tom yum, satay, and other dark soy sauce stir-fried noodles. Considering cost of ingredients, comparing to other ethnic cuisines, Thai food is generally overpriced. I would not have problem recommend this restaurant to my Japanese friends who crave authentic taste of Thai food.

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