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Monday, October 31, 2011

Komugi no Ki (小麦の木)| Flour Dish Restaurant | Obihiro

Obihiro is famous for its agriculture, animal husbandry, and dairy husbandry. Today I'll show you a very famous flour dish restaurant, "Komugi no Ki" in the city!

It has quite unique atmosphere, doesn't it???

They use Hokkaido-grown flour only and mill the flour by themselves!!
Their ramen does not conclude any sodium carbonate, preservatives, emulsifier at all!! Sounds very healthy and palatable!!!

How about dumplings? You can enjoy its very elastic skin!!!

Udon noodles sounds wonderful, too! What should I order????

I ordered shio (salt-flavor) samen↓

Wow! Wow! Wow! Tastes very flour! The noodles are very springy!!! Yummy x 2!!!

This roasted pork is very soft! More than perfect!

The broth is made of pork and chicken, added some pork's backfat without extra fat! This is my favorite!!! 

Oops! I've found another menu!!! This is a special item only from Oct.1 to Nov. 30! This dumpling is not usual dumplings. They use 100% Hokkaido beef (grown in Tokachi region) for this dumping! I have to order it!!!

Look at the wing! How beautiful it is!

Very tasty skin and very juicy meat! I love it!

The city holds "Eat up Tokachi Beef campaign" from Oct.1 to Nov. 30.

Several restaurants join the festival and I 've got one stamp at this restaurant! I have to collect all of the stamps! Hahaha!

■Where is "Komugi no Ki (小麦の木)”?

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■Tour guide information■
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