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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Noboribetsu Bear Park (のぼりべつクマ牧場)| Noboribetsu

Hokkaido is blessed with nature, and a lot of wild animals inhabit in this island. Brown bears are considered as a god for Ainuindigenous people in Japan, and there are several bear parks in Hokkaido to preserve the species!

Today I'll show you one of the biggest bear parks!
This park is on the top of the mountain in Noboribetsu hot spring area.

First, take a lift or walk to the gondola station.

It takes only 2 minuets from the lift station to this gondola station on foot.

 Let's go to the top of the mountain!

Beautiful scenery, isn't it??

First, we went to some "bear" pound!
Look at the bears. Some of them are standing, waiving their paw!!!

We bought some apples to feed them! I tried to throw it to this bear, but it is difficult........... I'm not a good pitcher..........

One of the bears is standing on the cage to get food from the visitors!

Next, we went to a "human" cage. Go downstairs and you can see bears very closely! 

Well, well, well, they are cuter than I imagined!

Then we join a duck race↓
There are a lot of attractions other than bears.
You can bet your favorite duck and get a present if it wins the race!

After that, we went to a black bear attraction hall.
The attraction is held 4 times a day.

Very cute, isn't it??

It is standing a balance beam! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Are you interested in Ainu culture?
If so, you can learn their history, art, and thought in the same compound! The park has a Ainu village called Kotan and

each house called chise has each Ainu attraction such as

Ainu dance. You can join the dance together with Ainu. Of course, I join the group!!

In a different chise, you can row an Ainu canoe,

and learn about their clothing, crafts, and so on!

If you go to the "squirrel village",

you can observe Ezo squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris orentis) and chipmunks like this↓

We got hungry and went to a kiosk to eat something delicious!

We chose soft ice cream!
Hokkaido reminds us of dairy products! Yummy x 2!!!

The building behind the ice cream is a brown beer museum and

from the roof terrace,

you can enjoy the beautiful scenery like this↓
This is Hokkaido!!!

I love this lake called "Lake Kuttara", located in the bosom of the mountain! Even local people hardly ever visit this lake because of the location, and that's why it is dubbed as "unreachable lake".

After enjoying the scenic beauty from the roof top, we learn bron bears in the museum.

 Last, but not least, we visited a bear cub park.

They are shoving each other playfully!

We really enjoyed the Noboribetsu Bear Park!

■Where is "Noboribetsu Bear Park (のぼりべつクマ牧場)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Oyome-san said...

Bear Mountain at Sahoro resort in east Hokkaido is MUCH nicer! The bears live in areas with trees and grass and water....I hate Noboribetsu, this kind of bear park should be closed down because the bears are living in a concrete prison....awful place...sorry...I feel very strongly about this. ;-((

K.K. said...

I'd like to go to a bear park in Sahoro resort! In winter time, I sometimes go there to ski.

How wonderful the bears live in areas with nature! I didn't know that!

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