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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Soft Koubou (そふと工房)| Soft Ice Cream Stand | Sapporo

There are a lot of recommendable ice cream stands in Hokkaido, and today I'll show you "Soft Koubou" in Sapporo.

There are a lot of kinds of soft ice cream made of 100% Hokkaido milk. And I'll give you good news to ladies!!! The ice cream includes collagen, which makes your skin look younger!!! I love it!

The main product in the shop is salt-flavored soft ice cream. I have to order it!!!

Well, well, well, I'll show you some of the ice cream in the shop!
First, you can choose the size - jumbo soft ice cream is twice as big as normal one -, and a lot of kinds of toppings!

I love this Mont Blanc series↓
They serve chocolate Mont Blanc, caramel Mont Blanc, purple potato Mont Blanc, green tea Mont Blanc, sesame Mont Blanc and so on!!!

How about parfait series?
They serve pumpkin, apple, adzuki been, strawberry, chocolate and Tiramisu parfait!

If you like crape, how about Tiramisu crape?? Sounds wonderful!!

There are a lot of kinds of crape here. What should I order??? Hahaha!

Surprisingly, they serve tacos, too!

Well, well, well,
"first", I ordered Salt-flavored soft ice cream↓ I love this shape!

Do you want to have a bite???

"Next", I ordered purple potato Mont Blanc↓ How gorgeous it is!

We really enjoyed Hokkaido milk soft ice cream in this shop!

■Where is "Soft Koubou (そふと工房)"?

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*There is a branch in 5588 in Kotoni, Sapporo.

■Tour guide information■
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