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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tsubaki Salon (椿サロン)| Designer's Cafe | Sapporo

I love to relax at a fashionable cafe during the lunch time. Today I show you one of my favorites, "Tsubaki Salon" in Sapporo.

Let's enter it, and have a wonderful time!

This is a so-called designer's cafe. A famous artist designed this space!

Just near the entrance, you will see the bookshelves.

Some brochures are displayed on the artistic shelf!

This is the main space of the cafe.

Plants and small objects are very cool!

Look at the chairs at the bar! I love the checked one at the middle!

This wood stove is truly an antique hearth of the good old days in its own way!

Let's go to another room! I love this space, too!!

Well, well, well, when you open the stylish door,

This is a bathroom!

The buttons are also very neat!!!

Look at the lamp cover! Wow! Wow! Wow! It looks as if it ware made of ice!!!

Today, I chose this table for lunch!

The menu cover is made of leather and very elegant!

They mainly serve pizza, curry, and sweets..........., using Hokkaido ingredients.

While drinking grapefruit juice, I was waiting for the main dish!

Next, this salad was served and...........

This is what I ordered, an "octopus pizza"!!! This octopus was caught off Hokkaido, and very juicy & soft! Some fresh Basil is added to the source! Yummy x 2!!!

Wild yeast is used in the pizza, which is aged for a longtime, that makes it crispy outside and fluffy inside! Hokkaido wheat tastes sweeter and really goes well with pizza craft!

 I love this dish, too! After you eat it up, you will see the cafe logo on the dish.

In front of the cafe, there is a small park like this↓ I love this peaceful time!

Do you like this cafe, too??

■Where is "Tsubaki Salon (椿サロン)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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