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Monday, October 10, 2011

K-Dash (ケーダッシュ)| Rice-Omelet and Cheese Restaurant | Sapporo

Omu-rice or Rice-omelet is one of the most popular dishes in Japan especially among ladies.

Today I'll show you "K-Dash", which serves several kinds of rice-omelet during lunch hours, and cheese dishes and wine after 17:30.

Let's enter it!

They have enough space to have a party with your friends at night!

Look at the menu for lunch↓

They serve
■ Chicken omu-rice (rice-omelet),
■ Mexican omu-rice,
■ Curry omu-rice,
■ Shrimp omu-rice with Japanese sauce,
■ Cod-roe omu-rice,
■ Grated yam omu-rice,
■ Seafood omu-rice,
■ Meatball omu-rice,
■ Chinese omu-rice,
■ Cheese omu-rice!!!
Wow!Wow! Wow! How variety of omu-rice they serve!!!

I ordered meatball omu-rice↓

Juicy meatballs are on the omelet covered with demiglace!

Please eat butter rice, soft egg, and the sauce altogether!!! Yummy x 2!!!

■Where is "K-Dash (ケーダッシュ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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