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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cranberry (クランベリー)| Pastry Shop | Obihiro

If you want to eat delicious confection or ice cream made from sweet potatoes, I recommend "Cranberry" in Obihiro.

Let's enter the shop!

There are delicious ordinary cakes, but I guess more than 90% of the customers in the shop buy the confection made from sweet potatoes.

It is called "Sweet Potato" and 199 yen/g.

You can choose your favorite size.

If you want to eat it at the shop, how about a Sweet Potato set?

It includes a soft drink and a piece of Sweet Potato.

Look at this! The custard is at the bottom of the Sweet Potato and a skin of potatoes is used as a container like this↓ The main part is made from fresh cream and sweet potatoes.
I'm sure this is the best Sweet Potato in Hokkaido! They choose the best ingredient around the country depending on the season so that we can eat the best Sweet Potato throughout the year! It is not too sweet and we can enjoy the taste of real potatoes!

Another attraction in the shop is soft ice cream. Look at the price! This soft ice cream is 136 yen for the regular size and 105 yen for the small size! How cheap it is!!!
I recommend Yomitan (potatoes produced in Okinawa) flavor!

Taste very sweet potatoes!!!! I love it! Yummy x 2!

You can buy the Sweet Potato at JR Obihiro station, but it is so popular that it is usually sold out at around 3 o'clock! Be careful!

■Where is "Cranberry (クランベリー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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