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Sunday, September 09, 2012

VERY VERY STRAWBERRY (ベリーベリーストロベリー)| Italian Cafe Restaurant | Otaru

Would you like to take a rest in downtown Otaru, eating delicious desserts? If so, how about "VERY VERY STRAWBERRY (ベリーベリーストロベリー)"?

This is an Italian cafe restaurant.

They serve delicious pasta and pie, but I personally recommend their yummy desserts.

I ordered a "strawberry & pudding parfait" named "Very Very Strawberry", the most popular dessert in this cafe restaurant. You must be surprised at the size! This is for four to five persons, but I ate it alone! Hahaha!

This is "Very Very Strawberry", a huge gelato & pudding tower!!!

This home-made raspberry gelato is sour and sweet!! Yummy x 2!!!

The vanilla gelato is very milky, and the pie is so flaky! I love this gelato mille-feuille tower!!!

Look at the a lot of strawberries and raspberries!! Perfect!

Without this delicious pudding, I wouldn't recommend this dessert! This pudding is very rich and mild!!!

If you have an average appetite, I recommend you to share this sweets with your friends! Hahaha!!

■Where is "VERY VERY STRAWBERRY (ベリーベリーストロベリー)"?

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