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Monday, September 03, 2012

Natural Wine Table Organic + (オーガニックプラス) | Vegetarian/ Vegan Restaurant | Sapporo

It is difficult to find nice vegetarian/ vegan restaurants in Japan, but I've found a wonderful one in Sapporo today!
This is "Natural Wine Table Organic + (オーガニックプラス)", located near Susukino, Sapporo.

I love this cozy atmosphere! Although they serve alcohols (mainly organic wine), some are enjoying healthy dishes with their kids.


Other than their regular menu, they serve several today's specials like this↓ Perfect!!
Today we ordered vegan dishes only! Are you interested what we ate? Here we go!!!

When you come here, I recommend you to order their bread first! All of them are home-made yeast bread. We ordered...........
☺bread with corn and Gueranede salt, and
☺cinnamon bread with dried apple and walnuts.
Their bread is so delicious that we could empty a bottle of wine! Hahaha!

Please dip it in the organic olive oil!

■Caprese salad with molted rice tofu and tomato 
Koji, or moted rice is a popular traditional condiment. Yummy x 2!!

■Grilled avocado
Warm and fluffy avocado goes well with this special miso sauce! I really recommend it!!

■Fried chicken like Deep-fried soy beans
We thought it was fried chicken when we ate it, but actually it is minced soy beans! Wow! Wow! Wow!!

■Fish and chips like Deep-fried millet
This is a magic dish!! Tastes really fish, but actually it is millet!!! The tartar sauce is made of soy milk and vegetables. How do they cook it? I want their recipe!!!

They serve several organic alcohols such as organic beer and wine!!

■Meat loaf like Grilled millet
Again, millet tastes like meat!! How???? Why???? It is very delicious!

I really enjoyed vegan dishes today!!

■Where is "Natural Wine Table Organic + (オーガニックプラス)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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