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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dining Natoriya (食事処名取屋) | Kuriyama

Kuriyama (栗山) is one hour away from Sapporo, and has a lot of attractions. Today I'll show you a popular dining among local people in this small town.
This is "Dining Natoriya (食事処名取屋)"↓

They serve dishes everybody loves, such as.........................

curry and rice, ramen, and tempra bowl, but the most popular set in this restaurant is...................

"horumon soup set (ホルモン鍋定食)"↓ Horumon means guts in Japanese. Are you interested in this dish? I'll open the lid!

The horumon miso soup has a lot of tofu and sliced leek. How healthy it is!

Under the thinly sliced tofu,

there are a lot of tender pork horumon! Yummy x 2!!!

* You can take out the soup.

■Where is "Dining Natoriya (食事処名取屋)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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