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Friday, September 21, 2012

Beef restaurant +Store 2.0 (裏参道牛肉店) | Beef Restaurant & Butcher | Sapporo 

I really love meat!! If I have to choose a wonderful beef restaurant in Maruyama area in Sapporo, I recommend "Beef restaurant +Store 2.0 (裏参道牛肉店)".

How do you like this open kitchen, and the cute and comfortable atmosphere?

This is their lunch menu! Which should I choose??? Everything is delicious!!! Hahaha!

Look at their popular lunch sets↓ Surprisingly, the part of the meat is changeable every day! Sounds perfect for beef lovers like me!!

Actually we came here to eat this special dish (美味散策円山オーラムランチ), being served from 14th of Sep. to 30th during "Sapporo Autumn fest (さっぽろオータムフェスト)", a food festival in Sapporo. This special lunch set is so popular that you should make a reservation in advance!!
(If you're interested in this festival, please refer to my other post→. I reported it in details in the page)

Every set comes with salad and a drink. Fresh vegetables in the salad tastes great, but baked ones like turnip are also very recommendable!

This is the main for the special lunch set!!! They use Oohira Beef (おおひら牛) and mushroom grown in Hokkaido! Perfect, isn't it??

The beef cutlet is cooked rare and very juicy!! Actually the sauce is not too rich to interrupt the juicy beef!!

With this rye bread, we ate this sauce up! Hahaha!

How about the eggplant and water shield soup? They serve not only great beef dishes, but also wonderful side dishes!!

We ordered the beef steak set, too. As I said I'm a beef lover, I ordered the steak rare!

Oohira beef is not oily, but very tasty. The problem is it is difficult to find a restaurant serving this brand in Sapporo...........

Last but not least, a drink was served, and I chose a peach juice.

After enjoying super-delicious lunch, we bought their yum-yum roast beef at the butcher corner!

I really recommend this very cozy beef restaurant serving perfect beef dishes!

■Where is "Beef restaurant +Store 2.0 (裏参道牛肉店)"?

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