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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shiretoko Goko Lakes (知床五湖)| Elevated Wooden Path (高架木道)

A number of attractions of Shiretoko Goko Lakes area can be enjoyed from both the ground pathway (地上歩道) and elevated wooden path (高架木道).

What is required to use the ground pathway? Application procedures are required when using the ground pathway during certain periods; Ecosystem Aware Season (植生保護期)(park opening to May 9th, and August 1st to October 20th) and Bear Aware Season (ヒグマ活動期)(May 10th to July 31st).
On the other hand, visitors can always walk on the elevated wooden path during the open season.
Let's go to Shiretoko Lake Ichi-ko, using the elevated wooden path!

The path is around 800m, and wheelchair-accessible! We can enjoy the wonderful nature for a short time without walking a lot.

This is Renzan Observatory (連山展望台), the first deck from the entrance.

Look at Shiretoko mountain range! The triangle mountain in front of the deck is Mt. Iou!
(See the details about Mt. Iou in my other post→)

Next, let's go to Okotsuku Observatory (オコツク展望台), the second deck!

It's very comfortable to wake in the open space!

From Okotsuku Observatory, we can enjoy not only mountains, but also

the Okhotsk Sea! This is the world natural heritage site!!

Last but not least, let's go to Lakeside Observatory (湖畔展望台).

We can feel comfortable breeze from the ocean here.

We walked and walked while enjoying Lake Ichi-ko on the right!

It's around corner! My guests and I were so excited to see the lake!

Yes! We've found it! That is Lakeside Observatory (湖畔展望台)!

Here we are! This is the last deck!

Look at Lake Ichi-ko and Shiretoko mountain range! How beautiful they are!

The wonderful Shiretoko mountain range reflect on the surface of Lake Ichi-ko!!

This is a junction of the elevated wooden path and ground pathway.
(* Descending from the elevated wooden path to the ground pathway is not permitted.)

This is a part of the ground pathway. If you have plenty of time and are interested in the nature, I really recommend ground pathway trekking and see all Shiretoko Goko Lakes.

Under the elevated path, shika deer was taking a rest!

If you are lucky, you can see wild brown beers from the elevated wooden path!

■Where is "Shiretoko Goko Lakes (知床五湖)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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