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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Park Service Center (知床五湖パークサービスセンター)| Souvenir Shop & Food Court | Shiretoko

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Park Service Center (知床五湖パークサービスセンター) is a rest facility located near the entrance to the ground pathway (地上歩道) and the one to the elevated wooden path (高架木道).

I really recommend to drop by this place before or after walking to Shiretoko-goko lakes because it has a souvenir shop with a wide variety of local goods, and a food court serving delicious local cuisine that we cannot eat in areas other than Shiretoko!!

Let's enter it!

One of the most popular items here is....................

Shika deer burger (鹿肉バーガー)!! I know shika deer (エゾシカ) are very cute, but delicious at the same time!! They sell shika deer jerky, too!! Hahaha!!

How about rugosa rose and mountain cranberry soft ice cream (はまなすこけももミックスソフトクリーム)? Sounds very Shiretoko, doesn't it???

Yummy x 2!!! They also serve mountain berry juice! Which would you like to try, the soft ice cream, or juice, or both????

This pacility is just in front of the parking lot, and you cannot miss it!!

■Where is "Shiretoko Goko Lakes Park Service Center (知床五湖パークサービスセンター)"?

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