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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kita Kobushi (知床グランドホテル北こぶし)② | Hot Spring Hotel | Utoro (Shiretoko)

This is the second half of the post on "Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kita Kobushi (知床グランドホテル北こぶし)". After taking hot spring on the rooftop, we went to a dinner venue↓

As we've arrived at this floor a little bit earlier, we relaxed at a terrace in front of the dinner venue. How beautiful the ocean is! I really recommend you to see wonderful sunset from the area between Oronkoiwa Rock and Sankakuiiwa Rock↓
(* If you want to see the great natural phenomenon, please refer to my other post on that→)

Let's enter the buffet restaurant! They serve wide variety of dishes, using local ingredients.

They have a lot of vegetable dishes, and I recommend the pumpkin soup↓ Yummy x 2!!

How about corn mousse? Isn't it unique?

Shiretoko reminds a lot of people of its seafood. This is a seafood section, and we can make our own favorite seafood bowl.

This is mine. How do you like it? It was really delicious!!

If you like meat, they serve from local pork to

beef, and

we can enjoy freshly-grilled steak! Wonderful!

Personally I recommend Hokkai shrimps available only in Hokkaido! Yummy x 2!!! 

How about fresh kelp shabushabu? Rausu (Shiretoko) is a famous kelp seaweed production site, and it is very thick and delicious! I prefer this shabushabu to meat shabushabu seriously!!

It is perfect to eat delicious local dishes while seeing the wonderful scenery!!

 They serve several kinds desserts, and

fruits, from which I took a lot of vitamin!!

After eating desserts, I went to the meat and seafood section, and enjoyed dinner again! Hahaha!

If you are interested in hot spring at this hotel, please refer to my previous post→

■Where is "Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kita Kobushi (知床グランドホテル北こぶし)"?

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