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Saturday, September 15, 2012

benbeya softcream lounge (べんべやソフトクリームラウンジ)| Ice Cream Parlor | Sapporo

benbeya (べんべや) is one of my favorite sweets shops located in Teine ward, Sapporo. Actually it takes 30 mimutes from downtown Sapporo to the shop, but during the summer time only, we can enjoy their delicious soft ice cream at Marui Imai department store!

They serve very rich ice cream with high-quality of vanilla beans and liqueur.

This is chocolate soft ice cream with waffle corn. Tastes very dense and yummy x 2!!

I ordered vanilla soft ice cream with gooseberry sauce and dried fruits. Personally I prefer this! This sour sauce really goes well with this very rich vanilla ice cream!

■Where is the summer-only soft ice cream parlor?

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■Tour guide information■
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