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Thursday, September 13, 2012

SAGARMATHA CHULA (サガラマタ チュラ)| Indian/ Pakistan Restaurant | Sapporo

There several recommendable Indian/ Pakistan restaurants in Sapporo, and today I'll show you one of my favorites. We visited "SAGARMATHA CHULA (サガラマタ チュラ)" located near JR Soen Station (JR桑園駅).

It is ornamented with Indian/ Pakistan decorations, and very cozy.

When you come to the restaurant during the lunch hours, please be careful! It is always packed with curry lovers especially during the time.

Look at the lunch menu! "Chula set (チュラセット)" including curry and naan is only 650 yen! Wonderful!!

I ordered "Special Sagarmatha set (スペシャルサガラマタセット)", which comes with a small salad↓, and

a drink. I chose Lassi. Yummy x 2!!!

Here comes a main part! How huge the naan is!!!

I really recommend this naan, which is baked in a stone oven for a short time!!!

We can select our favorite curry among 10 kinds, and I chose Dall Curry.

Look at these!! It has a lot of beans! Yummy x 2!!!

Of course we can select its hotness when we order curry, but we can adjust it after eating it with this spice paste.

That's a great service, isn't it?

There are two alternatives for chicken; Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka, and I chose the first one. How juicy it is!!!

The restaurant staff is very friendly, and the dishes are very delicious. Why don't you come here to enjoy Indian/ Pakistan dishes?

■Where is "SAGARMATHA CHULA (サガラマタ チュラ)"?

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