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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Parfait Fair (冬のパフェフェア)| Milk Garden (ミルクガーデン)Machimura Farm (町村農場)| Ebetsu (江別)

Even during the winter time, we sometimes want to enjoy delicious cold parfait, don't we? "Winter Parfait Fair (冬のパフェフェア)" is held at the "Milk Garden (ミルクガーデン)" in the "Machimura Farm (町村農場)" until the 17th of March. Let's go to Ebetsu (江別)!

It was snowing today here. How romantic it is!

Just for reference, when you come to the Machimura Farm during the summer time, the scenery is like this↓ If you are interested in the general information about the popular dairy shop, please refer to my other post→

Let's enter the Milk Garden!

Well, well, well, what should we order?

They are serving winter special sets now! We should try them!

They have "Winter Parfait Fair (冬のパフェフェア)" until the 17th of March. Some of them are avairable only during the fair! You should be in a hurry!!

After ordering lunch, we went upstairs. This is a cafe space.

From the winter specials,

first, we tried an "Ice Sweets Fondue Set (アイススイーツフォンデュセット)".

Please dip the fruits into ..............

this special sauce made of Machimura ice cream and cream cheese! Yummy x 2!!!

The set comes with coffee and bread.

Next, we enjoyed a "Camembert Cheese Fondue Set (カマンベールフォンデュセット)".
*They serve only 30 sets a day.

Soup is selectable, and we chose onion soup because this is a winter special soup. *Again, they serve only 30 cups of onion soup a day.

We enjoyed the vegetables and bread with ............

delicious Machimura Camambert cheese! We were super-happy!!

Would you like to try it?

After enjoying the fondue, we left the cheese on the hot plate for a while to make crispy cheese.

Using the time, we ordered a "Garden Special Parfait (ガーデンスペシャルパフェ)". This is served only during the fair!

Look at this! How perfect it is!

It has strawberries, kiwi fruits,

bananas and delicious special pudding. But the most delicious part of this parfait is their soft ice cream. It is very milky and fresh!

Last but not least, we enjoyed crispy cheese!

I really love their delicious dairy!

■Where is "Milk Garden (ミルクガーデン)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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