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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shingari (しんがり)| Ramen Restaurant | Sapporo

Have you heard mazemen, a kind of ramen without soup? If you want to try the new type of delicious ramen, I recommend "Shingari (しんがり)" near Jyozankei (定山渓), a hot spring area in Sapporo.

This ramen restaurant has no signboard, and that's why it is dubbed as a  "hideaway" restaurant among ramen lovers. Hahaha!
Anyway, let's enter it!
They serve only three dishes; today's ramen, char siu bowl, and mazemen.

This is tonkotsu sio ramen (とんこつしおらーめん), today's special.

We can choose the number of char siu from one to six without any additional charge. Of course, I ordered six pieces of tender char siu!!! Hahaha!

The type of noodles is also selectable. The thin noodles go well with pork bone broth with salt flavor!

Look at the sesame-seed oil with grilled garlic in the soup! Yummy x 2!!!

This is a char-siu bowl. Unlike char-siu on samen, it is thicker and broiled! Parfect!!

Last but not least, here comes mazemen, the most popular dish in this restaurant! It is covered with a lot of minced garlic chive. We can select noodle portion from one, one and a half, and two without any additional charge, and of course (!!) I ordered two portions, I mean, a big portion (大盛) as you expect!

Please mix mayonnaise and grated cheese with the mazemen!

This is a new type of ramen!!!

Mix x 10!!!
The sauce is a little bit bitter and sour soy sauce-base original one, which fits together with mayonnaise and cheese!

How do you like it?
I'm sure you cannot eat such delicious mazemen in other restaurants!

■Where is "Shingari (しんがり)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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