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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sapporo Ramen Yukiakari (札幌ラーメン 雪あかり)| Ramen Restaurant | New Chitose Airport

When you want to eat ramen at the New Chitose Airport (新千歳空港), why don't you drop by "Hokkaido Ramen Dojyo (北海道ラーメン道場)", which is a ramen complex, providing ramen lovers with the opportunity to enjoy delicious ramen at a variety of restaurants.

Today we chose "Sapporo Ramen Yukiakari (札幌ラーメン 雪あかり)", attracted by ...............

this catch phrase, saying "As it is cold in Hokkaido, why don't you try our spicy miso ramen?" See↓ Look very delicious! Hahaha!

This is miso ramen with broken-up char siu (ほぐしチャーシュー味噌ラーメン)↓

Look at a lot of thinly-sliced leek on the ramen! Yummy x 2!!!

Below the leek, thee is a lot of soft and juicy broken-up char siu↓
Wow! Wow! Wow! Actually this was the first time for me to try such char siu, but I love it!!

They use orthodox type Sapporo ramen noodles make by Nishiyama Seimen (西山製麺), one of the traditional ramen noodle companies in Sapporo.

The soup is not too spicy although they say it is spicy! I think it is just right for the winter season!

I really recommend ramen I love it during the winter time!
"Hokkaido Ramen Dojyo (北海道ラーメン道場)" is on the third floor of the New Chitose AP.

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