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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cream Douwa (くりーむ童話)| Ice Cram Stand | Akan National Park

When you come to Lake Mashu (摩周湖) and Mt. Iou (硫黄山) area, please visit "Cream Douwa (くりーむ童話)", my favorite ice cream stand

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*Lake Mashu→→★★
*Mt. Ito→→☆☆

Even during the winter time, it is packed with a lot of ice cream fans!!!

What should I order??? The kinds of gelato are depending on the season, but they usually serve around 15 kinds of gelato and sherbet, made of local fresh milk, fruits, and vegetables. Yes! This area is famous for its delicious milk and vegetables!!

First, please choose the number of scoops; from one to five. What? Five scoops!!!

If you are a beginner of this popular ice cream stand, I recommend akuramochi or cherry bloosom mochi (桜もち) flavor, which won the gold award in the Hokkaido Ice Cream Grand Prix!! Of course I ordered it with tomato sherbet!!! The rich flavor of sakuamochi and refreshing flavor of tomato sherbet are one of the best combinations!!!

How about pumpkin and milk, two of the most popular flavors here?

Hokkaido reminds a lot of people of blue-berried honeysuckle (はすかっぷ), which is perfectly sour and sweet!!

I really recommend their gelato!

■Where is "Cream Douwa (くりーむ童話)"?

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