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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Japanese Restaurant Sobadokoro Izumo (和風れすとらん そば処 出雲)| Soba restaurant | Teshikaga (弟子屈)

I love to find delicious soba noodles restaurants throughout Hokkaido! After visiting Lake Mashu (摩周湖) and Mt. Iou (硫黄山), how about dropping by "Japanese Restaurant Sobadokoro Izumo (和風れすとらん そば処 出雲)"?

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This is a very popular soba restaurant among local people, and always packed with soba lovers especially during the lunch hours.

They serve hot and cold soba and udon, and I ordered .....................

Tenzaru (天ざる), cold soba with tempura! Looks yummy x 2!!!

Their soba has distinctive aroma, and appropriately thin so that we can enjoy the feeling of soba going down our throat!

I really recommend their tempura, too. Especially their prawn tempura is super delicious!!!

My guest ordered oyster soba (かきそば). It is hard to see plump oysters below the seaweed, but they are soooooooooooo great! Should I have ordered this soba?? Hahaha!

■Where is "Japanese Restaurant Sobadokoro Izumo (和風れすとらん そば処 出雲)"?

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