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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hanakazuki (花かずき)| Japanese Restaurant | Former Aoyama Villa (貴賓館)

My guests and I went to the Former Aoyama Villa (旧青山別邸 or 貴賓館), an important cultural property of Japan, located in Otaru (小樽) the other days.

So-called Herring Mansion is a symbol of herring fishing in the 19th to 20th century, born out of a dream of 17-year-old Masae Aoyama (青山 政恵). Masakichi Aoyama (青山 政吉), his farther and herring billionaire, hired Nenosuke Saito, a chief Imperial carpenter, directing 40 carpenters, plasterers  and joiners to construct this villa. It is very gorgeous, but used during the summer time only!!!
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Well, well, well, we were so hungry that we dropped by "Hanakazuki (花かずき)", a Japanese restaurant adjacent to this mansion.

I love this atmosphere! Look at this Byobu (屏風), Japanese folding screen! How fantastic it is!!

They also have a table room like this↓ While enjoying kimono or a beautiful peony garden out of big windows, guests can have a wonderful lunch time!!

One of my guests ordered this seafood bowl (三色丼)! Otaru reminds us of fresh seafood!

The tea cup has a peony design. Yes, we can appreciate a lot of pretty peonies, Masae's favorite flowers, in full bloom, from May to July in their garden.

The other guest ordered a soba and herring sushi set (にしん棒寿司とかけそば).

Herring roe just under the top herring meat is a great accent for the sushi! Crunchy x 2!!!

I ordered a "Herring box lunch (にしんお重)"↓

Herring cooked with soy sauce is very tender and delicious!! Yummy x 2!!

The set comes with local fresh sashimi! Bravo!!

We had a wonderful time in Otaru, an historical city in Hokkaido!

■Where is "the Former Aoyama Villa (旧青山別邸)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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