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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yamaga (手打ちそば やま賀)| Soba Restaurant | Sapporo

Sapporo has a lot of soba restaurants, but not all the restaurants serve delicious soba, of course. Today I'll show you "Yamaga (やま賀)" on the Michelin Guide Hokkaido, serving wonderful soba and tempura.

Let's enter it!

I love this Japanese atmosphere! How peaceful it is!

Addition to the regular soba, they serve seasonal dishes, such as clam rice, oyster tempura, king crab tempura, and so on............

 And I chose a soba and oyster tempura set. Sounds winter in Hokkaido!

Until the set was served, I enjoyed soba tea for a while..........

Here comes the oyster seiro set!

All of them are my favorite; asparagus, eggplant, shimeji mushroom, and ............. oysters!!!!

This special soba soup makes these tempura

more delicious!!!! Yummy x 2!!!

Look at the oyster tempura! Sooooooooooo plump!!! Hahaha!

Thier soba look very beautiful, don't they? They use cores of buckwheat only!! That's why the noodles are quite translucent!

The thin and elastic noodles are definitely their artworks!!! Enjoy the distinctive aroma!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed sobayu (そば湯), hot water left in the pot after soba are boiled.

I really recommend this soba restaurant!

■Where is "Yamaga (手打ちそば やま賀)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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