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Sunday, January 27, 2013

GREEN LEAF Niseko Village (ザ・グリーンリーフ・ホテル)| Ski Resort Hotel | Niseko

If you want to ski and snowboard a lot in Niseko, how about "GREEN LEAF Niseko Village (ザ・グリーンリーフ・ホテル)"?

It takes 0 minutes from the hotel to slopes. How convenient it is!

I always use the Early Gondola service, starting at 7:30! I really love perfect  powdery snow in Niseko!

Let's enter the hotel! How neat the lobby is!

They have a bar, and we sometimes use it at night (and daytime!!!).

We feel as if we were in the forest!

This is a twin room, where we can use WiFi, although it is very slow and sometimes disconnected.....

When I got up early in the morning, I was so surprised at the snow outside of my room. We have a lot of snow this year!!!

Are you hungry? Let's go to "goshiki", a breakfast venue!

We can enjoy local fresh vegetables grown in Niseko here. Except the vegetables, don't expect too much! This is a ski resort hotel! Hahaha!

Among the dishes, I love..............

freshly-baked French toast! Yummy x 2!!!

Niseko reminds me of its wonderful onsen or hot spring!!!

They have both inner and outdoor onsen.

The water has a lot of minerals such as sodium, which makes our skin very smooth!!

After keeping our body warm in the indoor onsen, let's go to the outdoor one! How comfortable it is!!

The hot spring is not diluted with any water, and very dense.

They have shiatsu, or acupressure service although it is a little bit expensive.

Niseko makes me stress-free!!!

If you don't mind staying casual hotels not luxuary hotels with super service, you must like this hotel next to ski slopes.

■Where is "GREEN LEAF Niseko Village (ザ・グリーンリーフ・ホテル)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Oyome-san said...

What was the old name of this hotel? The entrance looks very familiar???? It's had a big remake over - but it is that hotel at the bottom of the slopes...

K.K. said...

It used to be a part of Higashiyama Prince Hotel. The staff service is not very good here, but I enjoyed the location and onsen very much, always enjoying snowboarding before working!!!!

robort pattison said...

Wow! It is very nice place. Really I like it. Thanks for sharing nice picture. ski holiday hotel

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