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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

YS↑O2 (ワイエスオーツー)| Cafe Restaurant | Sapporo

"YS↑O2 (ワイエスオーツー)" is a small cozy restaurant located in Odori, Sapporo.
Actually it is difficult to find homely restaurants serving nutritionally-balanced meals at reasonable prices in the downtown area, where we can relax even without alcohol at night. I really recommend "YS↑O2 (ワイエスオーツー)"↓

The white walls and carefully-chosen ornaments make us feel comfortable. The owner is so friendly that you may feel as if you were at home with your family members.

Beside a menu book, they have a special menu↓

One of them is a "chicken and egg bowl", whose chickens are raised in an open yard, not an indoor farm. They stick to healthy ingredients.

I ordered a "dinner plate" with meat and a lot of vegetables! The main and side dishes are depending on the day.

This is a "dinner plate".

The set includes small side dishes such as "namul (seasoned vegetables)" and "herb chicken". We, especially women, want to eat several kinds of small-portion side dishes with a big portion of main, right?

The minestrone has a lot of vegetable. Very nutritious, isn't it?

This rice is "Nanatuboshi (ななつぼし)", brand rice produced in Hokkaido. Their selection of ingredients is wonderful! We can have extra-large helping! Hahaha!

This is the main!

The grilled pork is covered with a lot of melted cheese and tomato olive sauce. Yummy x 2!!!

The plate has fresh green salad and..............

Grilled lotus roots are laid under the meat. Root vegetables can keep our body warm and be a perfect food especially during the winter time!

The sauce and cheese go well with this thick grilled pork!

This plate is only 1,000 yen!
I love this reasonable restaurant serving very healthy meals!

Just for reference, I'll show you one of their lunch sets↓
The set comes with the three kinds of appetizer↓

We can enjoy home-made focaccia as much as possible! Yes! The set comes with all we can eat focaccia!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

In addition to that, we can order a large-portion pasta without any additional charge!!!! Perfect lunch, isn't it?

They use milk directly purchased  from dairy farmers. I recommend their desserts, too.

■Where is "YS↑O2 (ワイエスオーツー)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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