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Friday, February 15, 2013

Calbee PLUS (カルビープラス)| Potato Chips Shop | New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport has been renovated recently, and has a lot of recommendable shops & restaurants now. Today I'll show you one of my favorite shops, "Calbee PLUS (カルビープラス)"↓

Calbee is proud of No.1 potato chips share in Japan, and use Hokkaido potatoes for its products. Actually I used to eat its potato chips at least once a week when I was a child. Hahaha!

Look at the shelves↓
The shop sells potato chips not only with typical flavors , but also with unique and rare flavors
Small bags of "Jagariko", a potato snacks, are available here so that we can try several different kinds! 

How about "Kappaebisen", a shrimp-flavored flour snacks, one of their flagship products, with several unique flavors, which we cannot find at normal supermarkets? Have you ever tried  curry flavor, Kyusyu soy sauce flavor, laver salt flavor, ginger flavor, wasabi horseradish flavor and so on.......????

Calbee produces regionally marketed potato chips throughout Japan. When you come to this shop, you can get a rare one without travelling! How wonderful the shop is!

Actually I came here today to eat very tasty potato chips. Do you have any idea how unique the chips are? "
A. We can eat freshly-fried potato chips in this shop! 
Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Of course the ingredients are carefully selected!!

First we can choose the slice type; thin or thick, and flavors among several kinds; salt butter, two kinds of cheese, and sour cream and so on. They also serve other types potato snacks, soft ice cream, soft drinks and beer.

 Well, well, well, let me try "Poteriko (ポテりこ)", a popular potato snacks, first!

This is freshly-fried potato snacks!

Hot! Hot! Hot!
It is so delicious that I couldn't stop eating it!!!

Next, we ordered thickly-sliced potato chips with two kinds of cheese!!
Yummy x 2! I need beer!!! Hahaha!

How about maple syrup & cheese flavor?

Would you like to try it?? Open your month and here you are!!
The kind of the flavors seems to change regularly, and I have to check them whenever I come to the airport!

I love strawberry flavor, which is available only in the spring time.!

Last but not least, I'll introduce the king collaboration between Calbee and Royce to you!

Delicious Royce chocolate is covered with yummy x 2 Calbee potato chips!! Perfect♪ No! No! No! More than perfect♪ Hahaha!

I really recommend freshly-fried potato chips and potato snacks here in "Calbee PLUS (カルビープラス)", which is located on the second floor at New Chitose Airport!

■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

Looks dellish! May I know if it is located at the international or domestic airport?

K.K. said...

This is at the domestic airport. Please enjoy!

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