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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Stew Restaurant Pot-au-feu (シチュー屋さん ポトフ)| Sapporo

If you ask me which stew restaurant is the best in Sapporo...............
A. I love "Stew Restaurant Pot-au-feu (シチュー屋さん ポトフ)" the best!!!

The seats are all taken usually during the lunch hours.
Yes! The restaurant is very popular!!

Let's wait for a while.......

This is the menu↓
(I've already decided today's stew before coming here.... Hahaha!)

All stew comes with salad,

bread or rice, and

a drink.

This is beef stew!!!
They simmer stew for eight hours, and the demi-glace sauce is super delicious!!

You don't need a knife to cut the very tender beef!!!

This is my favorite stew in this restaurant!!
"Americaine stew (アメリケーヌシチュー)" contains delicious prawn juice, and yummy x 2 in my tummy!!!

Look at the prawn,

scallops, cod,

whelks, and asari clams!!! All of the ingredients are from Hokkaido!!! How wonderful it is!!

Last but not least we enjoyed cake and ice cream.

I really recommend this stew restaurant, but they are always crowded. Be careful!!

■Where is "Stew Restaurant Pot-au-feu (シチュー屋さん ポトフ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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I really recommend this restaurant!
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