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Monday, February 10, 2014

55th Asahikawa Winter Festival (旭川冬まつり)

I went to the "55th Asahikawa Winter Festival (旭川冬まつり)" with my tour guests from Hawaii.
The main snow statue this year is "Transformers (トランスフォーマー)", 20m high and 130m wide, one of the biggest snow statues in the world!

The venue is not too big and too small. I love this festival!

 Well, well, well, I'll show you some of my favorite sections.

The main snow statue has 100-meter slides on the side.
One of them is a straight one↓ and

the other one is a curved one like this↓
We really enjoyed it!!!

Look at the stage! Akira Nishikino (スター★錦野旦) was a main guest the day. Wow! Wow! Wow!

This is one of the popular corners in the festival. You can make a mini snowman.

So cute, aren't they?

Among middle sized snow statues, I love

this one (対決!ゆるキャラ サッカーワールドカップ)↓ and

Monsters, Inc.↓
How elaborate they are!

I also love the small statues!

JR Mini Train (JRミニ列車) is popular among kids.

Of course free of charge!!!

I enjoyed tubing several times. Yoo-hoo!!!
(Of course free of charge!!!)

Do you know snowscoot? It is the fusion of riding a bike and snowboarding. As I love snow sports, I was so excited!!
(Of course free of charge!!)

Snow rifting is also recommendable! How thrilling the sharp turns are!!!

Last but not least, we enjoyed Winter Marchais (冬マルシェ), a food corner.

My guests and I had a wonderful time in Asahikawal!!
The festival is held from Feb. 6th to 11th.

■Where is the venue of the 55th Asahikawa Winter Festival (旭川冬まつり)?

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■Tour guide information■
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