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Monday, February 03, 2014

Hitsujiya (ひつじ八)| Cafe/ Restaurant | Kuriyama (栗山)

We enjoyed a short trip to Kuriyama on the weekend, and visited "Hitsujiya (ひつじ八)", my favorite cafe

This cafe is in "Kurimanjyu Mitsuwa (栗まんじゅう 美津和)", a famous Japanese sweets shop in this town.

Let's enter it!

They serve a lot of delicious meals, but we first chose our favorite one.

This is "Cutsu spa (カツスパ)". Cutsu stands for breaded pork "cut"let. Yummy x 2!!

It comes with salad and

consommeclear soup.

Under the cutlet, Voila!
Spa stands for "spa"ghetti. Isn't it wonderful that cutlets and spaghetti can be eaten at the same time????

We ordered one more dish for lunch from this page.

This is "Bacon Omelet Hamburg (ベーオム)”↓ , which comes with soup and salad.

 I ordered pumpkin soup. Yummy x 2!!!

Look at the inside of the omelet! I love this bacon rice!!

As I don't drink coffee, I enjoyed grapefruit juice after lunch.

As I said, this cafe is in "Kurimanjyu Mitsuwa (栗まんじゅう 美津和)", a famous Japanese sweets shop in this town, we cannot leave here without ordering Japanese sweets.

This is "Azuki beans and chestnuts desserts (栗ぜんざい)"↓
The bean jam is perfectly delicious!!

This is "Hitujiya parfait (ひつじ八パフェ)"↓

Look at the rice-flour dumplings in the azuki bean jam!!!

Macha or green tea ice cream is under the fresh cream. I really recommend this Japanese parfait!

We had a wonderful time in Kuriyama!

■Where is "Hitsujiya (ひつじ八)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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