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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sounkaku Grand Hotel (層雲閣グランドホテル)②|Hot Spring

When you come to Sounkyo Gorge (層雲峡), you should enjoy hot spring!

Today's hotel is "Sounkaku Grand Hotel (層雲閣グランドホテル)"↓

Towels are prepared to be in the basket in guest rooms. I love this service!

Let's go!

You can choose hotter bath, and tepid one in the indoor area. I personally love  to take tepid one for a long time!

The indoor one is good, but the outdoor one is much much better!

The mineral water is mildly alkaline, and makes our skin younger and more beautiful!!!

I took it twice; last night and early this morning!

How soothing it is!

Look at the abundant mineral hot water!!

As it is surrounded with the forest, my stress was instantly gone!!!

When you come to the same hotel in the winter time, the scenery is like this↓
It is covered with snow, and you can completely relax!!!

The water is not hot, and you can enjoy taking it for a long time!! Perfect!!!

Ishikari river is by the hotel. I love the nature!!

Actually this hotel is famous for its hot spring as well as a special optional tour! Are you interested in the tour? 
To be continued...............

■Hotel Information
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■Where is "Sounkaku Grand Hotel (層雲閣グランドホテル)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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